Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Assessments

What to expect

After your first form of contact either telephone or email query our team is there to listen and guide you through from initial appointment to diagnosis.

Prior to giving an appointment, you as parents will be asked to complete essential questionnaires, we would also require a teacher’s input (completion of questionnaires) from your child’s school or nursery. You and your child will then be invited for an assessment which usually lasts about 90 minutes.

If Autism is suspected we will have our speech and language therapist carry out an Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), a semi-structured assessment which assesses communication, social interaction and imagination, this will generally last about 2 hours and be carried out at your home.

We see children from the ages of 3 years up to 19 years particularly if there are concerns with concentration, hyperactivity, social skills, obsessive behaviour, anxiety, sleep issues, tics and Tourette’s.

Additional Information

Teachers are becoming more aware of ADHD instead of just either ignoring or labeling the child as disruptive and naughty. Teachers often advise parents to seek the help of a specialist who deals with neurodevelopment issues. Having ADHD diagnosed often brings relief to parents and children alike.  Having an explanation of why their child is behaving the way they do and knowing help is out there to elevate the frustration and stress, often brings a better sense of understanding and empathy.

Some children with ADHD  benefit from medication.  Other children may benefit from purely a strategy plan, for which teachers, parents, and children can be guided by. ADHD can often coexist with other conditions such as anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, speech and language problems behavior difficulties and sleep issues, and quite possibly with Autism.

For assessment for ADHD/ADD: diagnoses can be determined on the initial visit provided all information requested has been completed.

Appointment Structure:

ADHD/ADD Appointments

  • Initial appointment with Qb test (90 minutes) – Face-to-Face appointment
  • If medication is required then the following would be required:
  • 4 weeks after the initial visit a Zoom appointment (30 minutes) medication review
  • 12 weeks after the initial visit – Face-to-Face appointment – medication stabilization, vitals to be taken and Shared Care Agreement with GP organized
  • Thereafter an annual review will be needed –