Frequently Asked Questions

Child Development Clinic is based in Guildford Surrey, our full address is:

Brighter Spaces Guildford
54 Quarry St, Guildford GU1 3UA

Yes – we do offer assessments online. However, we would like to meet children and families in person wherever possible.

We will try to book an appointment for you as soon as possible. Please contact our team at the earliest to book the appointment.

We are able to offer appointments for children aged 5-18 years of age for ADHD Assessments and aged 3-18 years for ASD Assessments.

Yes – we would require a self-referral form to be filled in prior to requesting an appointment and specific forms to be completed by parents, school teachers and young adults prior to the consultation. There might be an online self-assessment tool required in some cases.

We will consider accepting previous school reports and any private tutors feedback and assessment, for the purpose of ADHD Assessment. Please contact out team for further details.

A detailed report/clinic letter will be sent out following the assessment and will include outcomes and suggested treatment plan. We are normally able to send our reports within 14-21 working days.

Yes – we are able to offer suitable treatment plan for your child, including medication where necessary.

As the diagnosis is done by a consultant paediatrician specialising in developmental disorders, there is no reason for your GP and school to raise any objection. If you have any concerns, we suggest you check with your GP and school first.

The assessment will highlight any reasonable adjustments and support necessary for your child at school/college. However, this will be at the discretion of the school/college to accommodate these adjustments.

We can offer an urgent telephone consultation or a video consultation for an additional fee (£75 for 20 minutes consultation)

To arrange this please contact us.

Once your child is stabilised on the medication, your GP can agree to enter shared care to be able to provide prescriptions via NHS. Please ensure that you discuss this with your GP in advance.

Ask your GP for a referral or complete the self-referral form on the contact us page. We do not necessarily require a referral from your GP – we are happy to discuss this further with you.